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Fifty years ago travel was different. Very different. A flight attendant was still called a “Stewardess,” men wore jackets and ties, women skirts and in-flight meals was served on real China.

Arriving at the destination was different as well. A person had to hope they found someone who spoke the traveler’s language and then knew the answer to “Where is — well, fill in the blank.”

Today, the Internet is ever present and with the device in your hand, you can ask — and get answers to — any question you may have.

These links are offered as a way to make your travel — and arrival — easier and more enjoyable.


Serbia at a Glance
Embassy/Consulate General and
Taxation in Serbia
Serbian Facts
Complete Serbia History

Serbian Foreign Ministry Website

Tourist organisation of Serbia
Municipality of Bor
Municipality of Pirot
Municipality of Knjaževac
Municipality of Vranje
Municipality of Kuršumlija
Municipality of Prokuplje