Serbian Citizenship by Investment

3o Interesting Facts About Serbia

  1. Serbia’s capital is among the oldest cities in Europe.
  2. Serbia has a rich heritage with a fascinating history.
  3. 18 Roman emperors were born in what is now Serbia
  4. Serbia is the largest raspberry exporter in the world; the country produces over 30-percent of the global total.
  5. The first satellite transmission between Europe and North America originated in Serbia in 1963.
  6. “Vampire” is a Serbian word known globally.
  7. Europe’s largest gorge is located in Serbia. The Derdap Gorge is also home to Lepenski Vir — the site of one of the earliest civilizations in Europe.
  8. Nikola Tesla was Serbian.
  9. Serbia is a landlocked nation
  10. Serbia is ranked 77th in the world on the Human Development Index (HDI).
  11. The name “Serbia” derives from the a Greek word meaning “land of the Serbs.”
  12. Serbia has five national parks.
  13. Serbia is slightly smaller than South Carolina (area).
  14. The lowest point, 35m is at the spot where the Danube and Timok Rivers Meet. The highest point is Midzor, 2169m.
  15. Agriculture covers 58% of the land and forests cover 32%.
  16. Earthquakes are common with several happening each year.
  17. There is .95 males for every female in the nation.
  18. The nation spends 10.6% of its GDP on health-related expenses and 4.8% on education.
  19. There are over 120 municipalities.
  20. There are 130 mobile and 40 landline phones for every 100 people.
  21. Almost 50% of the population uses the Internet.
  22. Serbia was ruled by the Ottoman Empire (Turks) for over 500 years.
  23. The majority of Serbian last names end with “ic.”


  1. Serbia began making clocks almost 600 years before the Swiss.
  2. “Vampire” is a Serbian word.
  3. Serbians are the most hospitalbe people on the planet. They believe they won’t gain favor from the gods if they are not hospitable to guests.
  4. 30% of all raspberries on the planet are grown in Serbia.
  5. Serbians love football.
  6. Ivo Andric is the only Nobel Prize winner from Serbia. He won the literature award in 1961.
  7. Belgrade has been ranked the highest among party places on the globe by Lonely Planet.