Serbian Citizenship by Investment

About Arkady Bukh


From humble beginnings, Arkady Bukh has set himself apart as a preeminent criminal defense attorney. Raised in Europe, Mr. Bukh has seen a lifetime of injustices happen to people who couldn’t fight injustice alone. Mr. Bukh made a promise to himself that he would not allow this to happen to his clients.

Mr. Bukh has kept that promise and now, years later, hundreds who would otherwise be tied up in Attica, Rikers island or elsewhere, have been given a second chance — a fresh start — because Arkady Bukh made that promise to himself.

Bukh and Associates, headquartered in Manhattan, was built on the foundation of tenacity and dedication to justice. Since its inception, Bukh and Associates has developed a sterling record defending against criminal charges.

His docket of cases has touched almost every continent and reached into many countries.

His client roster leads like a “Hall of Fame” and his clients include one of the Boston Marathon Bombers as well as many globally known individuals accused of white-collar crimes

From business leaders suspected of white-collar crime to petty thieves and yes, even people wrongly accused, Arkady Bukh and his associates have been their go-to advocate for truth and justice.

Mr. Bukh is a prolific author and public speaker on legal and business topics that arise from the dynamic intersection of law and information security. He is a frequent guest on CNN, BBC, CBS and other internationally known media outlets.

He is a member of numerous associations, including:

  • National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys
  • Serbian-American Bar Association
  • Brooklyn Criminal Bar Association
  • Russian American Bar Association
  • New York Criminal and Civil Courts Bar Association


Congratulations on taking the first best step on the course leading to Serbia’s Citizenship by Investment program.

You will approve of the program we have built to make the way to Serbian citizenship as worry-free and hassle-free as possible.

Relying on specialists globally, we have drawn together a team that serves you. We also work closely with a choice selection of tourism, agriculture, and manufacturing-related companies. The result is the creation of investment opportunities through the Citizenship by Investment Program with the goal of sustainable employment.

Serbia is a beautiful country. We have highlighted some of its best points elsewhere on this website.

Take your time and read the material been provided. You’ll agree that the information is clear, concise and helpful

We focus on high net worth individuals and their families as we help them relocate to one of the globe’s most welcoming countries for anyone seeking citizenship by investment.

I’m pleased to welcome you to Serbia. We recognize the importance that investors have on the growth of the nation’s economy. Bukh Global works in close cooperation with the government and knows the policies which encourage increase growth through new, private, investment.

When people visit Serbia, they get to experience the towering mountains, leisure-filled vistas, and other beautiful areas — they get a life lasting impression.


We don’t work alone. We work in tandem with financial institutions and a trusted network of internationally respected experts in immigration law.

We take the journey with you, and together we navigate and streamline the immigration process.

On behalf of Serbian citizens, I encourage you to explore everything Serbia offers. The Serbian government fully supports the Citizenship by Investment program, and we welcome you to join us and benefit from the long-term development and prospects of this magnificent nation.

Once again, welcome to Serbia and a sincere thank-you for allowing myself and my team to help make your dreams come true.
Arkady Bukh