Serbian Citizenship by Investment

Serbia: A Pearl in Southern Europe

Map of SerbiaSerbia is a unique destination. Enjoy learning about its turbulent history and rich cultural heritage. Enjoy the natural beauty of mountains and valleys, rivers and lakes, natural food. Serbia welcomes anyone discovering Serbia.

As you read our website, you have the chance to become acquainted with the country.

Most who come to Serbia are seeking something new and authentic. Serbia provides a variety of attractions, a lot of history, much tradition, and great entertainment.

For centuries, the region now known as Serbia has stood at the crossroads of the world — where East meets West. Serbians have managed to attract the best of each while avoiding the less than ideal which both provides.

The outcome is a land rich in culture, history, and people who are among the hospitable and welcoming internationally. Today’s Serbia builds on that long tradition.

Serbia is constructing modern infrastructure which is opening the door for technology firms to grow and increase with ease. Unlike numerous countries, technological development is not an afterthought here.

When you’re done managing the day and it’s time to relax, Serbia has the solution. Operas, art exhibits, and upscale life is yours inside moments. For the more sports-minded, everything from European “futbol” skiing, hiking, trail bikes, and bicycle riding can start just outside your door.


Retired? Serbia grants you the ideal life opportunity. Gorgeous landscaped homes are available and affordable. Seniors have not been left out of the activities. There’s a broad range of magnificent, breathtaking adventures waiting for the retired crowd; the pursuits fit every physical level and budget.

Serbia renders world-class health care to each citizen. Professional and superbly trained physicians, nurses and other health care employees staff the latest in hospitals, clinics and other sources of care.

Allow us to help you get established in your brand-new home as you enjoy a unique experience.

Welcome to Serbia!