Serbian Citizenship by Investment

Teaching English As A Second Language Is Always An Option In Serbia

There are three types of people who head to Serbia each year. They are:

  • Tourists or vacationers,
  • Individuals seeking a second citizenship, or
  • Expatriates

For Americans in the 2nd and 3rd group, being a native English speaker can open doors which are too often closed to others who don’t have English as a ‘mother tongue.’

As the spouse or partner of someone seeking a second citizenship in Serbia, or as an ‘Expat’ you may, or may not, want to take advantage of your English skills and apply for a teaching job.

Even for individuals just planning on spending a few months or a few years in Serbia, teaching English as a second language can be an excellent way to generate an income while enjoying the ability to roam the country.

Many Serbians are already fluent in English, but many are not. Because of this, many language schools seek teachers — almost constantly.

Travel and Get Paid

Being paid to teach English in Serbia is a perfect way to live in a foreign country and get paid as a worldly nomad. Prepared with TEFL/TESOL certification, you are prepared to begin teaching in Serbia’s main cities such as Belgrade, Pristina and Valjevo.

Teaching English is more than just the chance to work abroad, it is the opportunity to immerse in a new culture while getting exposed to a different way of life and starting lifetime friendships.

While your spouse or partner is working, you can explore the country and culture first hand while checking out the local cuisine.

Salary and Benefits


Yearly Salary $1,000 US/month for teachers at language schools; $2,000 US/month for teachers at international schools.
Working Hours 35 hours per week, Monday to Friday.
Relocation Allowance Not provided.
Vacation June – September, as well as national holidays.
Health Insurance Not provided
Contract Duration One year.
The Serbian school year runs from September to June. Applications to teach at Serbian language schools and international schools are accepted throughout the school year.

Qualifications Needed

The minimum requirement to teach English at a Serbian language school usually are a Bachelor’s degree in addition to a relevant English qualification such as a TEFL certificate.

Teaching positions are in high demand, so the requirements for teachers at Serbian international schools are typically higher than they are for language schools. An advanced degree, as well as relative teaching experience, is required for teachers seeking work at a Serbian international school.

Teaching Visas

Serbia, as other nations, does not have a specific “teaching visa.” All foreign citizens need to apply for a work permit to teach in Serbia. These are issued by the Labor office in Belgrade. The paperwork involved in getting a teaching visa can be off-putting, so it’s worth getting your teaching job before arrival in the nation.

Bukh Global can help you with the information required to be able to work in the country.

Living in Serbia

One of Europe’s lowest cost of living can be found in Serbia. Rent, transportation and food are especially cheap. A comfortable living is possible regardless of salary.

Serbia is packed with things to do and see. Known for being warm and hospitable, many Serbs are welcoming to visitors and new residents.

Relatively compact, everything is Serbia is near. It’s easy to get around. From amazing landscapes, picturesque monasteries and sleep villages, the country is affordable, beautiful and filled with old world charm.

The Takeaway

Many Serbians are fluent in English already, so many languages schools have their own teachers and don’t “require” a native speaker. However, many expats get a teacher’s assistant job easily and are the “accent reference.”

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