Serbian Citizenship by Investment

Serbia Has The World’s Most Improved Passport

According to Nomad Capitalist, Serbia has become the world’s ‘most improved’ passport. Soon, the Serbian document will offer visa-free travel to almost anywhere you want to go.

For those of us who have passports from western, developed nations, visa-free travel has never been to big of an issue. That one fact lead many — especially American — citizens to ask, “Why do you need a second passport?”. Their ignorance keeps them from seeing the options which having dual citizenship offers.

As a U.S. Citizen planning to visit Brazil has turned into a bureaucratic pain. So have any plans to visit other random countries. Having a US., Canadian or Australian passport has been the gate to easy travel. So has having a European passport. That is changing.

American, and most western passports, until now have been provided visa-free travel. Now, the same western passports have nowhere to go but down. The American passports may decrease in value over the next few years. The EU is threatening to require American citizens to apply for tourists visas and even Mexico is suggesting American citizens should pay to visit.

The EU Parliament has warned five nations, include America, Australia, Canada, Japan and Brunei to issue full reciprocity or see their citizens have a hard time getting in. The Parliament means that if citizens of those nations visit the European Union, then all EU citizens should be allowed to visit those one country.

America has become one of three nations to thumb their nose at the parliament’s demand. America is in violation of the EU’s reciprocity policy and is waiting for a ruling on the recommendation to be removed from visa-free travel.

The World’s Fast Growing Passport

The reality is that America does not have the fastest growing passport any more. That is no surprise. There is enough room for more restrictions, but not much room for growth.

The world’s fastest growing passport is issued by a nation you probably not don’t expect: Serbia.

The government in Serbia has done a professional job while negotiating increased visa-free travel.

What Makes A Serbian Passport Good?

While Serbia just obtained visa-free travel in 2009, the nation’s passport has taken off since then.

For one, Serbia is one of three nations on the planet whose citizens can visit Europe, Russia and China without a visa.

Typically getting a Russian visa is a pain, Serbian passport holders can skip the online. About the same time Serbia was in talks about its visa policies with Russia and the EU, Serbia was also getting free admission to Israel.

And, according to news articles and Wikipedia, Serbia is finalizing deals with Azerbaijan, Colombia, Guatemala, Jamaica, Panama, Paraguay, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain and Venezuela. Most of those countries are rather difficult even for some western citizens, so adding travel to those countries will be a real boon for the Serbian passport.

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