Serbian Citizenship by Investment

Investment in a Prime Real Estate in Serbia

A minimum of EUR 250,000 real estate property must be purchased. Contact us for the current list of approved real estate projects.

The investment must be kept for a minimum of 5 years and might be the case that investors should also pay some additional taxes and fees. In addition to above amount here are Government fees:


  • EUR 25,000 for the main applicant
  • EUR 25,000 for spouse
  • EUR 25,000 for the first and second children under age of 18
  • EUR 25,000 for dependent and the third child
  • Government processing fee of EUR 25,000 for each applicant of 18+ including the main applicant
  • EUR 7,500 due diligence fee for main applicant
  • EUR 4,000 due diligence fee for each family member of 16+
  • Agency fee of EUR 35,000 for main applicant + EUR 25,000 for a family