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Skiing And More On Kopaonik Mountain In Serbia

Kopaonik is the largest mountain range in Serbia and rests 230 kilometers from Belgrade. With one section of the mountain designated a protected zone, the number of species represented is the most significant center of biodiversity in the nation.

The mountain also protects one of the largest skiing centers in the country.

Kopaonik Mountain

Finished with the crowds and searching for the ideal mountain vacation? If attraction to adrenaline sports, a glass mulled wine and a fireplace in a log cabin on a long winter night are images rolling in your mind, check out Kopaonik Mountain.

While sun and snow are the ideal combination for nature lovers, Kopaonik represents the best of both. Snow begins around the end of November and frequently lasts until early May. That’s an average of 160 snow days a year for anyone counting. Kopaonik has become the largest ski center in Serbia. Undoubtedly, it is one of the more beautiful centers in that part of Europe.

“Sunny Mountain,” the mountain retreat’s second name, comes from having a climate which is sunny almost 200 days of the year. The ski center at Kopaonik has over 62 km of trails and offers alpine and Nordic skiing.

Besides alpine and Nordic skiing, Kopaonik Mountain has a snowboarding park where national and international meets are held.

For anyone tired of skiing during the day, Malo Jezero is the one night-trail available now, but Krst and Karaman Greben will light up soon.

Ski by the Numbers

Important information about the ski center:
Center height – 1.770 m
The highest peak – 2,017 m
Total length of tracks and ski paths – 62.000 m
Capacity of ski lifts – 32,000 skiers / hour
Number of lifts, ski lifts and connecting ski lifts – 24
Number of easy trails – 21
Number of middle tracks – 9
Number of heavy tracks – 6
Maximum altitude difference – 512 m
The longest track – 3,500 m
Length of the night trail – 450 m
Nordic trails – 12 km

Kopaonik , managed by JP Skiing of Serbia, has 24 ski lifts and can handle more than 33,000 skiers per hour. The lifts include three six-seater and seven four-lane lifts as well as two, two-seater chair lifts.

Medicinal Herbs of Kopaonik Mountain

Kopaonik Mountain is one of the richest in vegetation globally.  Wild Thyme, St. John, Yarrow, Mint, and Oregano are a few of the herbs found which are used in aromatics, culinary and medicinals.

Over 3,000 tons of medicinal herbs alone are exported from Serbia each year

The Takeaway

If you go to Kopaonik in the summer don’t miss the walking tours, Monastery tours, wine routes – Visiting the Župa Aleksandrova, rafting down Ibar, paragliding, hiking and riding.

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