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A Taste of Serbian Festivals Around the World

The patron saint days which almost every Serbian family celebrates has been handed down and became the central Serbian holidays.

Most of the nation’s public festivals are celebrations of film, music, and food. Or a combination.

For Serbian expats — and anyone interested in Serb culture — festivals are held annually around the world.

Organized primarily by Serbian expat groups, the festivals provide time for reunions as well as a vehicle  to introduce non-Serbians to the nation’s culture and lifestyle.

Every, EVERY Serbian Festival — whether it’s in Calgary, Washington DC or Tokyo — revolve around the three main components: film, music, and food.

An exhaustive and inclusive listing of Serbian Festivals is about as much fun to put together as testicle soup — a specialty at the BallsCup Championship — so the list here is only intended to provide a peek of what is available.

Exit (Festival) — Vojvodina, Serbia

Also called “State of Exit,” the festival is a four-day mashup of music held every July in the 1700s Petrovardadin Fortress in Novi Sad, Serbia.

The declared purpose of the festival is to make relevant entertainment available to Serbian youth and give them room to understand current social topics happening globally. Besides its rich social & political messages, Exit doesn’t stick to a single genre. Everything from hip-hop to heavy metal is showcased.

Besides 16 stages, festival-goers also find a pool, a badminton court, an entertainment park — with bumper cars — and a zipline that sails over the celebration.

BallsCup Championship

Americans have fireworks; the Swiss have their cheese and Serbians have balls.

Ljubomir R. Erovic, creator, and organizer had the balls to go into new dimensions of food preparation. The initial World Championship in Cooking Testicle Specialties rolled out in October 2004. Serbians claim that the testicle specialties are strong aphrodisiacs and improve libido, wakeup primal urges and make strong men out of week ones.

Women enjoy testicles without worrying as it forms the gluteus — but does not promote hair growth.

Organizers suggest physical exertion after eating. Consumers just need to burn off the positive energy.


The Largest Serbian Festival in the Southern Hemisphere

At least that’s how Sydney puts it. Even if Sydney’s festival isn’t the largest, it comes close as it brings Serbia’s cultural traditions to the land down under.

Some of the finer things at Sydney’s Serbian Festival include:

Chevapi or Chevapchichi

The tongue-twisting dish is one of the first words a foreigner learns at the festival. Cevapcici are meat fingers (made with minced port and veal) and stuffed with spices before it’s grilled.


Just call it a meat patty. It is made from a variety of ground meats — usually two or more. Hand formed with lamb, pork, or veal, the patty is grilled with onions and served hot. Consider it as a hamburger without the bun — or the beef.


No festival is complete without its beer. Serbian beers at Sydney’s festival include Jelen and Lav — The Stag and The Lion.


When folks are finished pigging out on the pork, Sydney’s Serbian Festival starts the dancing. An old tradition, the dances are for social function as they bring the community together. Families in Serbia enjoy dancing on special days like weddings, Christmas and Easter.


You can’t dance if you don’t have music and Serbian folk music is rural and urban. The traditional tunes include a two-beat dance — kolo — which is a circle dance with no movement above the waist. Traditional Serbian music is created by the frula, tamburica or accordion.

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