Serbian Citizenship by Investment

It’s a Family Time!

Serbian Citizenship-by-Investment can be a family affair. It is no more difficult for a family to successively apply than it is for one person. Make use of the fast-track process offered by Serbia in tandem with Bukh Global.

Serbian Citizenship is for a lifetime and can include besides the main investor also his dependent family as a spouse, children, and parents. Petitioners should be over 18 years and may include their dependent family members such as kids up to age 25 and parents over the age of 65; in other words:


Family applications may include these members:

  • The main applicant’s spouse
  • The main applicant’s child(ren)
  • The main applicant’s child(ren) over 18 — but under 26 — if they are still in school
  • Parents or grandparents of the primary applicant (up to age 65)