Serbian Citizenship by Investment

Why Serbia? Why now?

These are two questions many people seeking Citizenship-by-Investment ask.

Look over these benefits and the first question is answered. You are joining other people who are seeking an improved lifestyle and doing so in a nation that embraces you.

As for “Why now?” The answer is “Why wait?” You’re not looking at our website because you want the latest football scores. You want to change your life for the better; you know, at some level, that life as you know it has become, in some manner, a burden. No one should live like that.


Now you know “Why Serbia” and “Why Now.”

  • Serbian Citizenship is for life and in addition to the primary investor’s spouse, citizenship is also possible for dependent children and parents
  • Visa-free travel to over 130 nations globally — including EU Schengen states
  • Flexible and non-restrictive tax policies; real estate opportunities attractive income
  • With Bukh Global, Serbia actively seeks entrepreneurs, business managers and growth leaders
  • Fastest and least expensive program internationally
  • Official candidate for EU membership as well as a full member of UN and WTC bodies
  • Experts predict Serbia will become a full EU member within 24-months
  • A very beautiful European style life at the cheapest cost
  • Ideal for building a new business
  • Recent, substantial investments in the famous Belgrade Waterfront by Abu-Dhabi officials
  • Strong government support for investment opportunities
  • Middle East investments increase each month
  • Serbia’s nightlife is often listed as ranking #1 in the world