Serbian Citizenship by Investment

Police Certificates

Individuals, over 18, are required to provide confirmation that they do not have a criminal record. The confirmation must be provided by a national law enforcement agency and are required for each country a person has lived in for six consecutive months, or longer, since turning 18.

The records are variously called a “police certificate,” “police clearance,” or “record of no information,” depending on the nation. In most nations, the certificates are readily available upon request from either the central law enforcement office or a government office.

In some nations, law enforcement officials will send the certification directly to the requesting foreign government which made the initial request.


Applicants are advised to request their police certificate before applying for citizenship. It is also suggested that applicants include a copy of the receipt for the requested police certificate. This will aid the Citizenship by Investment unit in tracking certificates.

If it is impossible to obtain police certificates from any of the nations in which you have lived, a written explanation, provided by you, is required. Also required is an original letter from the appropriate law enforcement authority confirming their refusal to issue a certificate.