Serbian Citizenship by Investment

Champions of Global Citizenship Planning

An adventure of a lifetime lies in the heart of many people. That dream may be to climb the Himalayas, sail a schooner in the Atlantic, camp out on a starry night on an island in the South Pacific, or anything else. That vision may incorporate the urge to start life over in another country.

Despite what your goal is, you want somebody to guide you. Someone to explain the way and point out the potential impediments and tests; enabling you to evade them before they even become an concern.

You don’t need just anybody as a guide. You require somebody with expertise. Someone who has “been there, done that.”

Adventures aren’t the moment to improvise. Leaders aren’t the area to cut corners financially. Finding a new home through citizenship by investment is the same. You can investigate it online -- that’s a good start. But when it comes time to handing over your -- and your family’s -- security, you don’t want to trust someone who has never hiked the path. You want someone who has been there -- done that.

As each new country comes online, we’ve had a presence in the nation from the start. We cultivate new connections as we build on enduring relationships; with people who already live and work in the country. We follow the variations in programs as they happen. We know the newest difficulties, adjustments, and opportunities and can show you the best path.

At this life juncture, you don’t need a guide who recently set up shop because they felt it was a fast way to make money. You require someone with a demonstrated track record and an established reputation for fairness, efficiency, and integrity. You want someone with global branding so you know they have a stake in making sure your new life is what you pictured.


Arkady Bukh is that person. Internationally acknowledged, Mr. Bukh has built up a stellar prominence for being there for his clients. Whether in a courtroom in Manhattan fighting for his a client’s freedom in an international arena, or being familiar with the roads and freeways of Serbia -- or elsewhere.

The next step is yours. You’ve done your due diligence. Your family is thrilled about the moment. There’s just one thing left to do. Choose a guide.


Why us

1. Experienced.
Bukh Global was on the front line when St Kitts-Nevis brought its citizenship by investment program. Since then Mr. Bukh and his staff have remained on top of new programs and every innovation that has followed.
2. Worldwide Network of Associates.
Building on a base of international colleagues in the legal sphere, Mr. Bukh has extended his global base. Bukh Global as a worldwide team of equipped, qualified and experienced associates to help you — no matter your destination.
3. Exclusive.
Bukh Global is proud to be the exclusive agent for the Serbian Citizenship by Investment program in the Middle East and CIS. We are truly happy to present this opprtunity to our existing and future clients.
4. 24/7 Support.
Bukh Global provides 24/7 support through the citizenship by investment process. Pick up the phone — anywhere you are and whenever it is. A knowledgeable member of our staff will be ready to serve you.