Benefits of Serbian citizenship


Being the cheapest Citizenship By Investment program in Europe, Serbia provides the number of reasons for you to join.
Serbian passport visa-free countries

Visa-free countires

With a Serbian passport in your pocket, you are able to travel visa-free to over 130 nations - together with your family!


With the financial obligation met and appropriate due diligence performed, there is nothing left to do except enjoy life in your new home.

Serbian Citizenship by Investment (Pilot Project)

Serbia is unique. A nation with a turbulent history brings a rich cultural heritage. The natural mountain beauty knitted together by picturesque valleys, Serbia welcomes everyone who wants to discover its unique lifestyle.

Besides finding a historical tapestry of life in central Balkans, anyone coming to the nation will find something new and authentic. Serbia doesn’t disappoint; the land provides a variety of attractions, business opportunities, tradition and unsurpassed entertainment.

Serbia is expanding its infrastructure and is opening the door for technology companies to flourish and develop. Unlike other countries, technological development is not an afterthought.

Serbia continues to beat the odds as competitiveness, and economic growth is felt internationally.

Serbia: In Search of Global Talent and Leaders!

Few nations can match the strong growth of the Serbian economy which is near the top.

The growth potential is huge. Economic reforms being undertaken are unlocking future growth as early results show Serbia to be the economic engine of southeastern Europe.

A complete listing of the features and benefits of participating in the Serbian CBI program is included elsewhere on this website. Among the more attractive benefits are:

  • Citizenship is for life
  • Visa-free travel to over 130 nations — globally
  • Flexible, non-restrictive tax policies
  • Least expensive program internationally


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